Little Bosvarren

Constantine, Falmouth, Cornwall, Away from it all

Little Bosvarren is a lovely old stone holiday cottage near Falmouth in Cornwall with lots of interesting features in unspoilt countryside. Bosvarren is a hamlet of five houses up a tree lined drive some four miles from Falmouth. The site has been a collection of farms since the twelfth century and is now a quiet backwater including two Elizabethan farmhouses and a larger Georgian house. All the houses are of granite two feet thick with great lintels and quoins.

Little Bosvarren was a 1990 renovation of a 16th Century cottage and later stone barn. There is an large upstairs sitting room, with wood burning stove, a platformed floor and high ceiling. The slope of the land and the old cobbled ramp allow the first floor direct access to the walled garden. The changing levels provide an interesting, spacious house.