Why holiday in the UK...

3:05pm 03/04/2017

With so much choice available it can sometimes be hard to decide where to go on your well deserved holiday. This blog will big up the benefits of a holiday in the UK. 

Benefits of a UK Holiday

  • With a UK holiday you don't usually need to fly which will keep the cost down both from the flight and also car hire.
  • Since the Brexit vote the pound has fallen against the Euro and the Dollar making it  more expensive to book  accommodation abroad and you'll need more spending money.
  • There's so much choice and diversity with a UK holiday, you can choose a luxury holiday cottage in a seaside location or a break in the country, some locations offer both.
  • We have some stunning luxury holiday cottages in the UK for guests to choose from and it can be a surprisingly cheap option and gives you flexibility to eat in/out as you choose. 
  • You'll be supporting the UK tourist industry which goes towards a strong UK economy. 
  • There's an element of nostalgia with UK holidays, we can all remember those childhood holidays, the ice cream in the rain and fish and chips on the beach - it's important to recreate this for our own children.  
  • You can take much more away with you in the car than being restricted by cases and hand luggage. 
  • With so much to see you can take more shorter mini breaks - many holiday cottages allow short breaks particular out of peak season. We have many luxury holiday cottages which can be booked for a few days at a time. 

Search for your UK holiday with our luxury holiday cottages.