Child Friendly Holidays

11:46am 26/05/2017

Going on holiday with children, particularly small children can be very stressful.

Here we'll explain why choosing a UK holiday cottage is the best way to minimise stress and ensure your much deserved holiday goes smoothly. 

  • Driving to a holiday cottage is a lot easier than flying especially with very small children. All the waiting around at the airport, potential delays and limited suitcase space contribute to very stressed children and parents.

  • Many holiday cottages, particular our Tots Travel Bag ones have everything you need already there at the holiday cottage, meaning you can pack much less in your car.   

  • Unlike a hotel room or holiday apartment, a holiday cottage gives you much more space, there's nothing worse than having to all share a room, watching TV in your room at 7pm quietly so you don't wake the children (we've all been there). The beauty of a holiday cottage is you can book as many rooms as you need, put the children to bed and have the space you need to relax yourself. 

  • Outside space - you can pick a holiday cottage with as much or as little outside space as you need. Our Farm Experience holiday cottages will be a huge hit with children of all ages. 

  • The UK has some absolutely stunning beaches, which makes for a great day out for children. We have a large selection of Ocean Lookout holiday cottages which are all located near the sea. 

  • If it's a swimming pool you're after we have a large selection of luxury holiday cottages with swimming pools and hot tubs

So, if it's a relaxing stress free holiday you're after, choose a luxury UK holiday cottage. 

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