7 Mill Quay

Emsworth, Portsmouth, Hampshire , Seaside village

Stunning house in Emsworth Yacht Harbour

A house featured in several modern design books because of its modern design and beautiful location. Your balcony has stunning views over Emsworth Marina. Just search “Emsworth Deckhouse” to see much more about this architectural gem.

Set in a private marina it’s a safe place for children to explore. You will be enjoying a stay in a beautiful boating area and you can bring your own dinghy or kayak and store them under the house. A public slipway for launching is just moments away.

You are surrounded by luxury yachts and cruisers in this unique location away from the public and yet close to cafes, restaurants and Emsworth’s famous pubs – The Raglan Arms, The Coal Exchange and the Bluebell.

It’s ideal for couples and families of up to 6 people.