Odd Cottage

Oddington, Gloucestershire , Country village

Late availability from 18th January to 21st January (3 nights £250)
Late availability from 25th January to 28th January (3 Nights £250)
Late availability from 1st February to 4th February (3 Nights £250)
Late availability from 7th February to 10th February (3 Nights £320)
Late availability from 15th February to 18th February (3 Nights £320)

Odd Cottage is a pretty Cotswolds Luxury Holiday Cottage located in the village of Oddington. Oddington is a enchanting Cotswolds village that can only be described as typical quintessence of English rural life and this pretty village is no exception as it still holds the charm of a typical 11th century Cotswolds Village.

A traditional English village was usually made up of a small settlement that had a parish church, a school and a shop or two with one usually including a post office. There would have been at least two pubs serving locals and usually a manor house that was set in it's own grounds and usually referred to as 'the great house'.

Odd Cottage is tucked down a tiny lane, just off the road that runs through the two Oddington villages. There is only three cottages on Brans Lane and Odd Cottage nestles in between the other two and its lidilic setting makes it a perfect base for exploring the Cotswolds.