Norbury Hall At Walcot Hall

Lydbury North, Shropshire, Countryside

Walcot Hall is situated in Shropshire, a county full of picturesque market towns, rolling hills and many countryside activities we believe a stay at the Walcot estate will become a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for a cosy holiday cottage for a weekend get away or an outdoors experience for all the family, we’re sure to have something to suit…

All of our cottages and glamping ‘Hidden Treasures’ fit in well with the impressive and energetic ambiance of this renowned estate. Walcot Hall is best known for its idyllic setting, which makes a unique wedding location and houses some of the most characterful accommodation in Shropshire. The two compliment each other, as it is often hard to find a truly beautiful wedding venue with accommodation of the same calibre for the whole family!

Norbury Hall is the newest addition to the Walcot Estate. In its previous life it was the hub of a local community as their Village Hall; clad in dark corrugated iron it was brought to Walcot Hall when the village of Norbury received a lottery grant for a brand new build.

Although it was decided we’d lose the metal exterior, the timber frame and many other parts of the original building have been restored and rejuvenated for this new project on the Walcot Estate.