Helsett Farmhouse In Boscastle

Lesnewth , Boscastle, Cornwall, Countryside

The rustic and quirky Helsett Farmhouse offers the true farm holiday. Located in magical countryside a few miles south of Boscastle, this working small holding will absorb you into farm life where your worries will slip away. Life slows down here, but your senses will come alive!

Lesnewth is a magical hamlet with an ancient church and a scattering of farms. This traditional farmhouse which dates from the 18th Century is certainly not somewhere for those looking for a property with a modern refurbishment. This stunning original farmhouse is full of charm and is made complete with rustic, higgledy piggledy furniture, uneven wood flooring, a mixture of antique and quirky furniture and large, spacious, welcoming rooms. Step back in time and enjoy this fascinating house!